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Jeep Gladiator USA Flag Sun Shade


Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade Tops (2019 - Current)


 What makes a JTopsUSA sun shade top for the Jeep Gladiator so tough?

JTopsUSA manufactures the Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade Tops, in the USA. Our Jeep Gladiator mesh sun shade tops attach securely with no bungee cords. 3 integrated 48 inch by 1/2 inch square aluminum rods suppress any flapping. They’re digitally cut to fit 2018–current Jeep Gladiators, so they won’t gap around the roll cage. They follow the curve of your Jeep’s roll cage, and our innovative Neoprene padded buckles firmly hold the shade in place and will not scratch your roll bars. Extensively tested up to 90 mph highway speeds.

Our Jeep Gladiator tops fully cover the entire front and rear seat and extend down enough to provide the rear passenger shade. Bungee tops stop at the top of the curve and provide no shade for the rear passengers. Our exclusive double rear aluminum support rods are integrated into the shade and fit into the roll cage notches to eliminate all flapping like bungee tops. Our revolutionary patented Neodymium N52 commercial-grade magnetic windshield mount secures the sun shade in front. Gladiator sun shades are also available in “bikini,” which are half-shade styles that cover just the driver and passenger.

We’ve tested our Gladiator sun shades beyond highway speeds, up to 90 mph. For your convenience, our sun shades can remain in place when you replace your hardtop. 

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