JTopsUSA Product

Installation Videos 

Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, JT

  • JL and JK Safari sun shade installation

  • Leaving the shade on under the hard and soft top

  • Soft Top Boot installation

  • Tonneau Cover installation

  • The "Tube" product and use video

  • Hard Top Headliners installation

  • LED turn signal and brake option

  • Shade Top speed test

Jeep Shade Top Videos
Jeep Shade Top Videos
You have your new JTopsUSA product, and you’re ready to ride with style and enhanced functionality. So what comes next? If you’re having any trouble installing it, we put together a comprehensive collection of instructional videos for your assistance. 

Generally, users can install our products within 10 minutes or fewer, making it even easier for you to continue travels without delays. Check out our list of Jeep videos below for more information.  

JTops  Jeep Wrangler JL Installation  Videos 

JL Videos


Wrangler JL 
Sun Shade Installation

 Our sun shades attach to the top of your Jeep’s roll cage via magnetic strips along the front and back edges. Carefully but firmly tuck these edges underneath the windshield channel. Buckles on the sides and back tighten the shade firmly and efficiently across all surfaces of the roll cage. Our products provide complete coverage for passengers without cutting into rear passenger head space.  


Wrangler JL / JT  Bikini Sun Shade Installation

 The bikini sun shade installs similarly to the full sun shade. First, take the front magnetic strip and firmly press it into place underneath the windshield channel. Second, utilize the buckles along the middle bar and sides of the roll cage to snap in place. Accompanying each buckle is a tri-glide that allows you to tighten the buckle straps to your liking.    

Wrangler JL Leaving The Sun Shade Under The Hard Top and Freedom Panels Installation

 Want to leave your JTops sunshade installed while keeping the hard top on? No problem! Mike shows you in this video how to complete this procedure. The hard top is suspended by hooks in your garage to keep it steady, and then you can remove each corner socket from the hook and snap it into place.  

Wrangler JL Leaving The Sun Shade on Under The Soft Top 

 Leaving  your JTops sunshade installed while keeping the soft top on? No problem! Simply flip up the soft top from the down position. Untuck the nylon windshield strip and drop the top front edge to the windshield. Jump in and lock the front latches and your ready to go!