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Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade Tops  



Jeep Gladiator JTopsUSA.png

JTopsUSA Jeep Gladiator
Full Sun Shade

About Our American Made Sunshades

  • Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade full tops cover the entire front and rear seat, No rear exposure like a bungee shade

  • No need to lower windshield to install

  • Front anchor support rod for perfect alignment

  • Center straps for enhanced stretch and tight fit

  • Revolutionary Neodymium N52 Commercial Grade magnetic windshield mount (patented) 

  • Full coverage edge to edge / front to back

  • Leave your Jeep Gladiator sun shade on under your hard top 

  • Center Freedom Panel Hardware Access Port

  • Digitaly cut to follow the curves of the roll cage Not just a square piece of mesh

  • Neoprene padded buckles, will not scratch roll cage

  • Tri-Glide strap loops so they stay tucked away

  • Front and twin rear 1/2" x 48" integrated aluminum support rods eliminate flapping found on bungee brands

  • 6 neodymium magnets keep it solid

  • 90 MPH speed tested

  • Compare our design and features to any competitive product and you decide

Compare JTopsUSA Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade To The Competition

Then You Decide

"Bungee" Brands

Front nylon edge slips into windshield channel so there is no gap. 4 - N52 grade Neodymium magnets keep it tight. (Patented)

Front nylon edge slips into windshield channel so there is no gap. 4 N52 grade Neodymium magnets keep it tight. (Patented)

Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Bikini top.p

Bungees require folding the windshield down to install flimsy plastic clips. They are very difficult to install without lowering the windshield.

Bungees stretch the shade out of shape and because of the gaps let in wind and sun!

Jeep Gladiator sunshade by JTopsuSA
Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade Top vs Spiderwebshade
  • JTops Gladiator sun shade twin integrated rear 1/2" x 1/2" rigid aluminum support rods keep your driving experience firm and steady. NO FLAPPING!

  • Our Jeep Gladiator aftermarket tops wrap over the rear roll cage to protect passengers and provide interior sun protection.


  • Full perimeter webbing support with bound and sewn edges.

  • It will absolutely not flap like a bungee top.

JTops Gladiator shade does not require you to lower the windshield or install specialty nubs to anchor the bungees.

  • Bungee brands use folded mesh edges with no webbing or support to prevent flapping!


  • The shade is cut short exposing the rear passengers and interior to the sun.

  • Because there is no webbing support around the edges the bungees will stretch the mesh out of shape over time.

  • Bungee tops require the windshield be lowered to install plastic clips.

  • One brand requires removal of the cowling screws so they can be replaced with nubs to attach the bungee?

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