• About Our American Made Shades

  • Leave it on under your hard or soft top

  • Custom Fit - Follows the curves of the roll cage


  • Our Wrangler JL Sun Shade incorporates a front anchor strap and integrated aluminum support rod for perfect alignment

  • Revolutionary Neodymium N52 Commercial Grade magnetic windshield mount (patent pending)

  • Full coverage edge to edge / front to back

  • Center freedom panel hardware access port

  • Order without port for soft top only

  • Neoprene padded buckles, will not scratch roll cage

  • Tri-Glide strap loops so they stay tucked away

  • Rear integrated 3/8" inch aluminum support rod stretches the fabric smoothly to the back rollcage

  • 6 neodymium commercial grade magnets keep it solid

  • 90 MPH speed tested (Watch the Video)

  • Compare our design and features to any competitive product and you decide

Jeep Wrangler JL sun shade by JTopsUSA
Freedom Panels Off
wrangler jl sun shade
Hardtop Over Shade
Soft Top Over Shade
jeep wrangler sun shade top 2 door  jtop
Wrangler JL 2 Dr.

JL Wrangler Sun Shades

Jeep Wrangler 2/4 Door

JL / JLU - ( 2018 - 2020 )


Sun Shades, Bikini Shades, Soft Top Boots and Tonneau Covers 


Wrangler JL Graphic Flag Sun Shade Tops

We use the latest LED and UV print technology to print one of the most durable and vivid graphic tops available. 

Wrangler JL Solid Color Sun Shade Tops

Jeep Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Sun Shad
Wrangler Sun Shade Mesh Colors JTopsUSA.
Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimted sun shade, Jtopsusa

USA Utility Patented

Attachment Method

and Design Certified

Wrangler JL Bikini Sun Shade
  • Wrangler JL Bikini has no gaps around the perimeter or the front of the windshield to let in sun and wind.

  • Aluminum 3/8 support rod for superior lateral strength. It also sits in the roll cage groove to suppress shifting. 

  • Poly Pro UV resistant perimeter webbing and binding for added strength.

  • Access port for freedom panel latches rather than just ending the mesh and leaving a gap like competitive products.

  • Nylon front neodymium magnetic strip slips into the windshield so there is no gap to let in sun and wind. Just flip back 2 inches to latch freedom panels or soft top.

  • Rear aluminum support rod to evenly distribute rear tension and suppress movement and flapping. 

  • Our exclusive UV resistant composite resin, military grade, combination quick release / compression buckles. We will replace them for free if one ever fails!

Jeep Gladiator Bikini Sun Shade
Wrangle 2019 JL Bikini Sun Shade, JTopsu
Jeep Gladiator Sun Shade

Wrangler JL Soft Top Boot

  • Wrangler JL Soft Top Boot fits both standard and premium OEM Tops

  • Internal flap allows for expansion and contraction for proper sizing

  • 3 adjustable straps and 2 way buckles for secure hold

  • Keeps the top from moving or bouncing when at speed

  • Nylon lined neoprene end caps for stretch and protection

  • Constructed using the same commercial Weblon® vinyl and materials use on all of our products

JTopsUSA exclusive matching Jeep accessories!

Our Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Storage Boots are designed to complement our tops in not only color but also materials. Constructed using the same high quality materials and attention to details right down to the Gore® Tenara® thread. 

Jeep JLU Soft top storage boot
Jeep Soft Top Storage Boot

Wrangler JL Tonneau Covers

  • No additional hardware required 

  • Rear magnets hold it securely in place 

  • Keep your belongings out of site out of mind 

  • Commercial Weblon® Vinyl for superior durability

  • Will not fade or crack...we guarantee it!

  • Designed and tested by JTopsUSA

JTopsUSA exclusive matching Jeep accessories!

Our Jeep Wrangler Cargo Area Tonneaus are designed to complement our tops in not only color but also materials. Constructed using the same high quality materials and attention to details right down to the Gore® Tenara® thread. 

Jeep soft top storage boot
Contoured Fit
EZ Open / Close
Wrangler JL Cargo Cover by JTopsUSA
Magnetic Rear Flap
Never Fade Vinyl
Wrangler JL Custom Graphic Tops
Your design on our shade
Jeep Wrangler Sun Shade custom prints
Jeep punisher wrangler mesh sun shade
Wrangler custom sun shades

We took the latest LED / UV print technology and now use it to print one of the most durable and vivid graphic tops available. 

Plus we can print on the inside, outside or both!

  • JTopsUSA JL Wrangler sun shades require NO special tools to install plastic windshield clips or the removal of the roll cage cowling screws to attach extra nubs for bungees.

  • There is no need to apply a special protective film to keep the bungees from chafing or rubbing off the paint? Why? Because we designed our tops to not flap and our buckles and straps don't stretch at highway speeds.

  • There is also no need to remove the windshield wipers and lower the windshield to install or uninstall a JTops JL Wrangler sun shade or the need to install special plastic anchor clips to hold bungees.


  • Simply slip our patent pending nylon strip with 4 - N52 grade commercial Neodymium magnets into the windshield frame gap (takes 30 seconds) and install the top. Each magnet has a pulling force of 12 LBS

  • Pull the tab and release the magnets when you’re ready to install your hard top and the freedom panels or soft top. 

  • Watch our installation videos and the competition's....Then you decide! 

jtops wrangler mesh shade top

Why Buckles and Straps?

  1. Military spec compression and quick release combination buckle used in combat made by ITW®

  2. The UV resistant strap and buckle will not stretch or deteriorate over time like a bungee

  3. The strap and buckle can't get misplaced or lost because it's sewn on.

  4. Pulls the mesh over the roll cage edge eliminating gaps

  5. It will not bust your knuckles trying to stretch it on

  6. The buckle has a neoprene pad backing so it will not harm the roll cage

  7. If it ever fails (and it won't) replacements are free! Even if you break it! 

All our JL Wrangler sun shades come with a five-year Fade-Free warranty and a Never Fail manufacturing warranty.

Alienshade vs JTopsusa wrangler mesh sun shade top
Alienshade vs JTopsUSA summer mesh sun shade

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