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Jeep Wrangler JK Sunshades and Accessories

JK Shade Top PNG

Jeep Wrangler 2/4 Door JK / JKU  ( 2007 - 2018 )
• Sun Shades  • Custom Shades
• Soft Top Boots  • Tonneau Covers  • Hard Top Headliners 


Jeep Wrangler JKU Mesh Sum Shade blue JT

 Our American-made Jeep sunshade tops for Jeep JK include: 

  • 3/4 length filament for the JK/JKU 

  • They block 80% / 90% of damaging UV rays, keeping you and your interior protected and cooler 

  • Full coverage: edge-to-edge and front-to-back 

  • No stretchy bungees that create gaps

  • 3 neodymium center magnets prevent billowing of the center mesh

  • 2 - Solid 1/2" aluminum rods are integrated into the shade and they run the width for increase support

  • ITW® dual action buckles anchor the strap

  • 5 year fade warranty featuring Twitchell®  American manufactured mesh

  • Built to perform at 75+ MPH highway speeds

  • Dozens of Graphics and US Flags

  • Full custom "Your Art / Our Shade" Jeep JK sun shade available 

Wrangler Sun Shade Punisher
Jeep Wrangler Custom Sun Shade
Wrangler JK Sun Shade by JTopsUSA
Jeep Wrangler 2 Door Sun Shade by JTopsUSA

Wrangler JK Flag Sunshade Tops


We utilize state-of-the-art UV and LED printing technology to produce extremely durable, clear Jeep Wrangler sun shade tops. 

Jeep Wrangler soft top boot
  • Fits both standard and premium OEM Tops

  • Internal flap allows for expansion and contraction for proper sizing

  • 3 adjustable straps and 2 way buckles for secure hold

  • Keeps the top from moving or bouncing when at speed

  • Nylon lined neoprene end caps for stretch and protection

  • Constructed using the same commercial Weblon® vinyl and materials use on all of our products

Jeep Soft Top Boot
Wrangler Soft Top Boot Accessories
Wrangler JK Tonneau Cover
  • Wrangler JK Tonneau requires no additional hardware for installation or use

  • Rear neodymium magnets hold it securely in place over the rear cargo door 

  • Elastic mounted vinyl coated flat hooks mount to front of cargo area

  • Keep your belongings out of site out of mind 

  • Commercial Weblon® Vinyl for superior durability

  • Will not fade or crack...we guarantee it!

Jeep Wrangler Tonneau Color Chart
Jeep Wrangler Tonneau Cover by JTopsUSA

Compare JTopsUSA features and you decide!

Jeep Shade Tops Mesh Fabric Layers
Wrangler printed sun shade punisher
Jeep JK Sun Shade construction

Buckles and Straps...

  • Military spec buckle used on combat field gear

  • The UV resistant strap will not stretch out like eastic bungees​

  • The strap and buckle can't get misplaced or lost because it's sewn on

  • The buckle is UV stable and will not deteriorate or get brittle from the sun

  • It will not bust your knuckles putting it on

  • The buckle has a neoprene pad backing so it will not harm the roll cage

  • If it ever fails (and it won't) replacements are free!!!

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