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Make a mistake during installation? Just want a fresh set?

The Bronco Velcro kit contains the Loop side of the Velcro that bonds to the painted roll cage surface. Mistakes can happen and we want to help. 



  1. Full set of Loop portion of the Velcro (12 Feet)
  2. Goof Off Heavy Duty surface cleaner (4oz) spray bottles
  3. 2 packets Adhesion Promotor
  4. 2 packets 99.9 % alcohol wipes
  5. Microfiber cleaning cloth.
  6. Instructions

Made a mistake? Just need more? Velcro Replacement Kit

Available to order in 2 Weeks
  • SHIPPING: We exclusively ship through FedX and most shipments will arrive in 2 to 4 days from the day it leaves our manufacturing facility located in Anaheim, Ca. This is in addition to manufacturing time. We are not responsible for FedX delays but on rare occasion they occur. If they do our customer service departmrnt will assist.

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