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JTops Bronco 4 Dr DUAL TOP Bimini - works with both hard and soft top equippend Bronco. It is the perfect accessory for any Ford Bronco owner who runs both a hard top and soft top!


Unlike a bungee top that is a one shade fits all JTops has three versions that are specially designed to fit the soft top or hard top equipped Broncos, offering maximum versatility and convenience.


With its easy-to-install design, simply leave it on and install your hard or soft top over it. The best part? It never has to be removed! So if you want the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for your Ford Bronco, the Bronco Dual Top bimini is the perfect choice


Our bimini is the perfect addition for those who want the ultimate protection from the sun. The premium-quality mesh material not only offers optimal shade, but also provides cooling air flow. With 80% to 90% UV protection, this top will keep you and your passengers safe from the sun's harmful rays. Available in a variety of colors, the JTops Bimini Mesh Top is the ultimate upgrade for your Bronco. So get yours today and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.


 Proudly manufactured in the USA with premium quality materials, including UV resistant thread, this top is built to last. Trust in Jtops' 14 years of experience and commitment to quality, and choose the Bronco bimini for your next off-roading excursion.


Flap-Free Ride. Our Ford Bronco Bimini Sun Shade system features a marine grade extreme heat - heavy duty hook /loop and webbing system to mount the Bimini shade  on your vehicle. Our sun shades sit on top of the roll cage and have been tested to withstand highway speeds.


Mounting Features:

• The front edge of the shade incorporates a nylon strip that folds back a couple of inches to allow access to the windshield hardware.

• The front of the shade incorporates a series of simple mounting hooks and magnets to provide a tight fit to the windshield eliminating any gaps that could let in wind and sun.

• The sides of the shade wrap over the roll cage and also incorporates a series of Neodymium magnets and an exclusive  very high bond acrylic adhesive hook and loop. 

• Each of the 5 magnets are N-48 commercial grade and have a pulling force of 12 lbs. per magnet to provide a strong bond to the roll cage while the hook and loop provides added lateral tension to stretch the shade tight.

• The rear of the shade wraps over the roll cage and provides front to back tension to stretch the shade into place. The rear UV resistant nylon strap system uses a two stage compression and quick release buckle that are attached to a horizontal aluminum rod providing even tension across the rear. 


Ford Bronco Bimini Mesh Top | FITS SOFT and HARD TOP EQUIPPED BRONCO

  • We guarantee our Bimini sun shade can be left on under the Ford Bronco OEM SOFT TOP & THE 2 & 4 DOOR HARD TOPS ONLY. It is not compatible with aftermarket tops. Returns for shades that do not work with an aftermarket soft top, will be subject to a  restocking fee.

    For further clarification or questions, call sales support at 469-532-0808.  If the wrong top is ordered AND DELIVERED it can only be returned within 14 days of date of delivery, it must not have been installed and requires original packaging. PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON FITMENT. We don’t want to disappoint you and are happy to answer any questions.

    The JTopsUSA Team.

  • SHIPPING: We exclusively ship through FedX and most shipments will arrive in 2 to 4 days from the day it leaves our manufacturing facility located in Anaheim, Ca. This is in addition to manufacturing time. We are not responsible for FedX delays but on rare occasion they occur. If they do our customer service departmrnt will assist.

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