Jeep Wrangler Mesh Sun Shade Features

Shade Features

Wrangler JK

Wrangler JL

• No "BUNGEES" or "VELCRO" to misplace or wear out. Our “quicksnap” sunshade U.S.-made, military-grade, UV-resistant memory buckles adjust in seconds! Unlike an elastic bungee, they will not stretch, preventing the top from “billowing” and flapping in the wind at highway speeds!

They fully install in fewer than 5 minutes. 

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Wrangler JK

Wrangler JL

• The JK Jeep Wrangler mesh sun shade attaches directly to the Jeep windshield mounts using Powder coated flat hooks. 

• The JL uses Neodymium magnets and a strip that slides in-between the windshield and frame.

Wrangler JL Shade Top

Wrangler JK

Wrangler JL

• Our Jeep Wrangler mesh sun shades offer complete edge-to-edge coverage to block harmful UV rays from damaging the interior of your Jeep. We design our product with no gaps to let in sun or wind. Keeps your Jeep Wranglers interior and to the touch! 

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Jeep Wrangler JL Sunshade

• Full perimeter heavy duty UV resistant poly webbing provides additional edge reinforcement and fabric edge bonding. Providing superior durability and stability in the wind.

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• Installs on top of the Jeep Wrangler roll cage and not stretched in-between. Can be installed on top of soft top door surrounds. No loss of headroom and eliminates sun fading of your covered roll cage padding. 

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• Three mid top mounted Neodymium Magnets align with the Jeeps center roll cage bar providing a no guess fit for all Wrangler JK models. No need for center bolts. No Grommets!

• The JK Top is not designed to be used as a sunshade when only the Freedom Panels are removed.

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• Our Jeep Wrangler mesh sun shades have been tested at prolonged highway speeds of 85 MPH.  Significant noise, wind, and UV reduction are achieved through full edge-to-edge coverage. 

Jeep Wrangler Summer Mesh Top, Texas Express Speed Test

• Fabrics are durable Twitchell Textaline® and every seam uses GORE Tenara® UV Thread that will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements.

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